The American Prophet by AMEXEM

The American Prophet

Who is Noble Drew Ali? Why is he not taught in "Black" history? How does his coming affect the world for centuries to come? Supreme Grand Sheik, E. Braswell Bey answers these and many more questions in "The American Prophet".

65+ Minutes of Insight

Bro. E. Braswell Bey teaches in depth about the necessity for a prophet on American soil, and his tremendous impact on humanity.

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Lesson Plan

Lesson Videos
1 | Who Is Noble Drew Ali
12 mins
2 | Marcus Garvey The Forerunner
8 mins
3 | The Impact of The Prophet
6 mins
4 | Dispelling Myths Regarding The Prophet
11 mins
5 | The Significance of a Prophet
4 mins
6 | Prayer and Compassion
6 mins
7 | The Prophets Adept Chamber
5 mins
8 | The Central Authority of the MSTA
17 mins
Trailers & More
1 min

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