Sunday School 2: with E. Braswell Bey by AMEXEM

Sunday School 2: with E. Braswell Bey

From First Physical Man to World History, Supreme Grand Sheik E. Braswell Bey picks up from the first season and elevates the lessons to an even higher level.

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The Perfect Sequel to "Sunday School"

Taking the teachings from Sunday School, Bro. E. Braswell's first course in this series, even further with this essential new addition.

Lesson Plan

Video Lessons
8 | The House of David
10 mins
9 | Marks of the European Nations
5 mins
10 | Signed and Sealed
11 mins
11 | The Name of First Physical Man
5 mins
12 | Why Was Jesus Sent to This Earth
14 mins
13 | Teach These Lessons To Your Children
5 mins
14 | The Ancient Moabites
6 mins

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