Moorish Spain by AMEXEM

Moorish Spain

Dr. Jose Pimienta Bey demonstrates extensively on the Moorish influence on medieval Spain and the rest of the world in this mind-blowing lecture.

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This 6-Chapter Course:

  • Teaches on the lasting historical, scientific, economic and religious advancements introduced to the “Western World” by Moors.

  • Addresses why so many of our people remain “sleep” in light of all the information of truth now readily available

  • Features a Bonus 25-Minute Question and Answer session and more!

Lesson Plan

Lesson Videos
1 | Uncovering The Moorish Legacy
10 mins
2 | People of The Book
10 mins
3 | The Immensity of Moorish Influence
14 mins
4 | The Occupants of Moorish Spain
8 mins
5 | Hiding The Great Moorish Imprint
14 mins
6 | Freeing Captured Moorish Minds
18 mins
Bonus: Questions and Answers
26 mins

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