Moorish Science Demystified by AMEXEM

Moorish Science Demystified

Moorish Science isn't rocket science -- when you know the basics.

100+ Minutes of Insight

Bro. E. Braswell Bey goes in depth to demonstrate key aspects of Moorish Science and its profound effect on his life.

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What's Included?

Video Icon 14 videos

Lesson Plan

Lesson Videos
1 | Uplifting Fallen Humanity
7 mins
2 | The Science of Happiness
7 mins
3 | Noble Drew Ali, The Prophet
11 mins
4 | Overcoming Fear. Facing the Truth.
7 mins
5 | Nationality: The True Missing Link
9 mins
6 | Secrets of the Moorish Koran
8 mins
7 | The Moorish Flag: Facts VS Fiction
7 mins
8 | Islamism: Peace and Harmony
16 mins
9 | Cutting Through the Confusion
10 mins
10 | Jesus: The Moorish Perspective
20 mins
Course Excerpts
Excerpt: "Jesus Doesn't Belong To The Christians"
3 mins
Excerpt: "The Miseducation of the Negro"
6 mins
Excerpt: "Figure 1 - The Red Fez"
3 mins
2 mins