Moorish Impact II by AMEXEM

Moorish Impact II

Picking up where he left off in the first Moorish Impact, Dr. Jose Pimienta Bey further explores the world of Moorish Science through his own studies and experiences.

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The Perfect Sequel to "Moorish Impact"

Take the teachings from Moorish Impact, Dr. Pimienta Bey's first course in this series, even further with this essential new addition.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Videos
1 | Moorish Foundations
9 mins
2 | Moorish Foundations Part 2
10 mins
3 | The Value of The Prophet's Lessons
8 mins
4 | They Know Who You Are
9 mins
5 | The Two Selves
11 mins
6 | Noble Drew Ali, The Prophet
14 mins

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