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  • Each lesson takes less than 15 minutes a day
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  • Total watch time is longer than a typical blockbuster movie
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Bonus Material Included

  • Jesus: Man VS Myth Study Notes
  • Study Box Study Notes
  • Sunday School Study Notes
  • Decision Box - An essential tool for making flawless life decisions.
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Lesson Plan

Moorish Science 101
1 | The Makeup of Man
5 mins
Nationality: The Order of the Day
The True Missing Link
9 mins
Moorish Secrets Revealed
Sacred Knowledge
9 mins
Jesus: The Man VS the Myth
Jesus: The Man VS the Myth
11 mins
Bonus: Chapter Study Notes
4.4 MB
Elevate Your Research Skills
Reading Between the Lines
8 mins
Bonus: Chapter Study Notes
8.14 MB
The Two Selves
The Higher Self & Lower Self
1 min
The Higher Self & Lower Self II
2 mins
Bonus: Decision Box
314 KB
Global Unity
The Filipino / Moorish Connection
14 mins
Eliminate Dis-Ease in Your Life
REVIVE: Gut Check
14 mins
Moses: A Historic Sketch
Moses: A Historic Sketch
7 mins
Hidden American History
Seeing Through The Illusions
9 mins
Sunday School Like No Other
Adam, Eve & The First Physical Man
9 mins
Bonus: Chapter Study Notes
1.38 MB
Civilizing Europe
The Occupants of Moorish Spain
8 mins

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